Look at me all pixelated... I look good. Anyways, who am I? Gameplay Programmer. Game Developer. Software Developer. Chess Player. Husband. Father. Principled non-aggressionist. Did the short sentences give more impact to those nouns? Let's hope!!

I've got my professional experience listed here along with a small portfolio of some my work in game development. Don't forget to checkout my LinkedIn and Github pages as well!!

So, what is my experience?

Optum Senior Software Engineer

This is my current day job. I use React, GraphQL, and AWS to iterate and deploy United Healthcare's cost estimate application.

Travelers Software Developer

I worked in this role from June 2019 until December 2021. My daily workflow mostly revolved around the MERN stack - Mongo DB, Express, React, and Node. I also shared the responsibilty of managing our applications CICD via Jenkins and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. There was also A TON of little developer skills sprinkled throughout my days.

Questar Front End Developer

This was my very first position where my role was solely as a developer. I worked here just over a year in 2018 and 2019. I helped build out functionality for K - 12 assessment testing software using the relatively unknown Polymer framework - a web components based framework.

Procentive Quality Engineer

This was my foot in the door of the tech industry. My role consisted of a lot of manual functionality testing along with automated testing using Selenium and Java. This was great experience in getting introduced to agile and the general developer workflow.

Did I like... Go to school?

Prime Digital Academy Developer Certification

This is where the dream kicked off... A 16 week full-stack Javascript bootcamp focusing on the fundamentals of full-stack Javascript and professional Javascript development. If it wasn't for Prime I'd probably be off muttering sentence fragments and starting things on fire...

Metropolitan State University B.A. Economics

I was really into Austrian economics and thought that hobby could lead to a career. It turns out that Metropolitan State has an economics curriculum that strays very far from Austrian economics in the most important of ways... In the end, it was always more of a hobby than a career.

But can I actually build stuff?

Carnival Shooter

  • UI built with Unity UI Toolkit
  • Audio volume and look configuration
  • Textures and sprites created in GIMP
  • Code available on Github

Breakout Clone

  • Created from scratch (No tutorial here!)
  • Fully functional leaderboard system powered by Azure functions
  • Custom created sprites
  • Collision handling
  • Scoring system and UI
  • Code available on Github

Pong Clone

  • Vertical movement and limits
  • Difficulty Increase
  • Code available on Github